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CNC Machined Tools

Avantech can deliver tools of all sizes and complexity quickly and cost-effectively for your CNC Aluminum projects.

Increasing demand for dimensional precision, speed-to-market, and exact repeatability of tooling has rapidly expanded the use of CNC machined aluminum tools in the rotational molding industry. To address this demand, and to keep our customers ahead of the technology curve, Avantech has made a multi-million dollar investment in CNC capability, and can deliver tools of all sizes and complexity quickly and cost-effectively to customers throughout the world.

Once product design is reviewed and CNC machine tooling is determined the most viable option, Avantech’s Manufacturing Solutions Team (MST) creates a tool design, focusing on ease-of-use, durability and optimization of aesthetic and dimensional outcomes. From there, CNC programmers convert the product design to a computerized tool path program and high-grade aluminum billet is machine-cut on one of our 16 CNC machining centers. CNC tools are then finished, framed, and readied for production prior to shipment to customers’ rotational molding facilities.

Advancements in tooling product design, programming techniques, and CNC equipment – including Avantech’s large bridge-style Mighty Viper® machines – have made CNC machine tooling cost-competitive in virtually every rotational molding application, while offering a number of advantages (dimensional precision, exact repeatability, speed-to-market, etc.) over fabricated and cast aluminum tooling.

Quality Policy

Our collaborative, solutions-focused approach results in high quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

We are customer-centric and work rigorously to enhance our partners’ success via the added value of our products.

We share accountability to continuously improve all aspects of our business: our systems, our processes, our products and our people.

Our progress is benchmarked through the use of key performance indicators and statistical measurement tools.

We strive to incorporate our mantra of “THINK, CREATE, ADVANCE” in everything we do.

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