Avantech manufacturing capabilities

Because of the diverse needs of our customers, we understand that “one size does NOT fit all,” and have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to solve a wide variety of manufacturing challenges.

From CNC-machined and cast aluminum tooling for the rotational molding and thermoforming industries, to tool revision and refurbishment, to full-scale production machining, we’ve invested in the people, systems and equipment to meet the ever-expanding needs of our global customer base.

CNC aluminum tools

Due primarily to speed-to-market and dimensional precision advantages, CNC aluminum tools have gained increasing acceptance in the rotational molding market. Avantech has made a significant investment in its CNC capability, to keep our customers ahead of the technology curve.

Once product design is reviewed and CNC tooling is determined most viable, Avantech’s CNC design engineers convert the part file to a computerized tool path program, which is then machine-cut via an automated CNC (computer numeric controlled) process from high-grade aluminum billet. The result is dimensionally precise rotomold tools, produced quickly and efficiently to accelerate speed-to-market outcomes.

Production Machining

Leveraging our significant investment in CNC machining equipment, and true to our vision of bringing new products to a global market, Avantech has established world-class production machining capabilities at our Baxter, Minnesota facility.

Led by a team with over 100 years of combined production machining experience, and featuring state-of-the-art, precision machining equipment, Avantech production machining capabilities can manage projects with lot sizes ranging from one piece to 10,000 pieces, in materials including gray iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel bar stocks and castings.

Avantech services a broad range of industries and end-use markets on a global scale, including construction, agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, recreational and various industrial sectors, and offer additional value-added services such as custom fixture-building and parts washing. With our “Think, Create, Advance” mindset driving Avantech’s production machining capability, we’re locked, loaded and ready to engage with rapid quote turnaround time and industry-leading delivery times.

  • Milling Machine capabilities = X 168” x Y 122” x Z 43”
  • Turning Machine capabilities = 16” Diameter x 20” Length


Cast aluminum tools

For more than 30 years, Avantech cast aluminum tooling has earned recognition and “go-to” preference from rotational molders throughout the world.

Serving a wide range of end-use sectors such as agriculture, playground equipment, furniture, sports & leisure and recreational marine, Avantech cast tools are renowned for durability, repeatability, ease-of-use and dimensional precision.

Supporting our commitment to continuously improving the value we provide, Avantech is collaborating with foundry industry experts to enhance the surface quality, dimensional precision and speed-to-market attributes of the cast aluminum tooling we deliver to the global marketplace.

Tool revision and refurbishment

To respond to the market’s need for tool revision and refurbishment, Avantech has built robust capabilities and developed a highly experienced and skilled team dedicated specifically to providing these services.

With tooling revisions, we begin by analyzing customers’ updated product design, then develop and execute a manufacturing strategy to revise tooling relative to the desired part production requirements. Additionally, our refurbishment capabilities allow customers to optimize tooling longevity by maintaining proper working condition of parting lines, clamping and closure mechanisms, air management systems and ancillary tool components.

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