Capabilities: Avantech tooling solutions

We understand that “one size does NOT fit all,” and have built diverse manufacturing capabilities to solve the manufacturing challenges our customers face. Production of rotomold tools begins with a thorough product design review, during which Avantech engineers determine the best tooling option – cast aluminum, CNC aluminum, or fabricated tooling – to provide the best results.

Cast aluminum tools

Avantech’s first step in producing cast aluminum tooling is the creation of a pattern (also known as a model), which is a physical representation of the finished plastic part. Following pattern-build, the product design can be reviewed and modified prior to tool-build, providing an opportunity for tactile, functional and aesthetic review of the product.

Once the pattern has been built and approved, Avantech utilizes a proprietary foundry process engineered to minimize porosity and optimize surface finish of its cast aluminum tooling. Avantech’s cast aluminum tools produce a wide variety of products at rotational molding facilities throughout the world, and are recognized for ease-of-use, durability, and dimensional precision.

CNC aluminum tools

Due primarily to speed-to-market and dimensional precision advantages, CNC aluminum tools have gained increasing acceptance in the rotational molding market. Avantech has made a significant investment in its CNC capability, to keep our customers ahead of the technology curve.

Once product design is reviewed and CNC tooling is determined most viable, Avantech’s CNC design engineers convert the part file to a computerized tool path program, which is then machine-cut via an automated CNC (computer numeric controlled) process from high-grade aluminum billet. The result is dimensionally precise rotomold tools, produced quickly and efficiently to accelerate speed-to-market outcomes.

Fabricated tools

Manufactured by fabricating, assembling and welding sheet steel or aluminum, fabricated tools are commonly utilized for large rotomolded products which do not require tightly controlled dimensional tolerances. Typical applications for fabricated tools are liquid storage tanks, refuse containers, and materials handling equipment.

Avantech provides fabricated rotomold tools by combining internal capabilities with a network of qualified supply chain partners.

Tool Revision and Refurbishment

Over time, tooling can require repair and refurbishment when subject to the daily rigors of rotational molding. Similarly, as newly launched products are evaluated in the market, design changes may be necessary to provide end-users the required performance of their rotationally molded parts.

To respond to the market’s need for tool revision and refurbishment, Avantech has built robust capabilities and developed a highly experienced and skilled team dedicated specifically to providing these services.

With tooling revisions, we begin by analyzing customers’ updated product design, then develop and execute a manufacturing strategy to revise tooling relative to the desired part production requirements. Additionally, our refurbishment capabilities allow customers to optimize tooling longevity by maintaining proper working condition of parting lines, clamping and closure mechanisms, air management systems and ancillary tool components.

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