Our Culture

Think. Create. Advance.

Because Avantech customers have trusted us to deliver solutions to complex manufacturing challenges for more than 30 years, problem-solving is at the heart of everything we do. Providing a differentiated response entails analyzing, building and delivering an efficient and cost-effective solution to these challenges. By engaging our employees holistically – capturing their heads, their hands and their hearts – we can tap-into the creative, collaborative mojo that our people bring every day, and apply to every solution we deliver.

Back to that word “trust,” because it all starts there: we communicate openly, we embrace change, we share information, we encourage input into our decision-making, we articulate expectations, we encourage informed risk-taking and we demand of ourselves that commitments made are commitments honored. This generates trust, fueling the innovative mindset we must embrace to deliver a competitive advantage via every project we undertake.

Accordingly, the words “Think, Create, Advance” appear throughout Avantech communications: on business cards, journal advertising, internal memos, email signatures and social media hashtags. But these words are more than a catch-phrase or slogan: they describe our mindset and approach to the challenges and opportunities facing our business. “Think, Create, Advance” also aligns nicely with the “heads, hands and hearts” holistic engagement we instill in Avantech culture. So in addition to describing what we do, it also perfectly describes who we are.

At Avantech, we’re continuously expanding the scope of the products and services we provide, and it’s the “Think, Create, Advance” mindset shared by Avantech people that’s driving us forward.

Quality Policy

Our collaborative, solutions-focused approach results in high quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

We are customer-centric and work rigorously to enhance our partners’ success via the added value of our products.

We share accountability to continuously improve all aspects of our business: our systems, our processes, our products and our people.

Our progress is benchmarked through the use of key performance indicators and statistical measurement tools.

We strive to incorporate our mantra of “THINK, CREATE, ADVANCE” in everything we do.

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