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Dowels and guides :

Perimeter Guides

Perimeter Guides

  • Guide Parting Lines Together! 
  • Mold Closes Correctly... ...Reduce the Chance of Damage!

With the Avantech Perimeter Guide System you can quickly and easily guide spider halves together without damaging parting lines. Our nose cone, top guide tube and end cap allow you to quickly create a custom guide system for any spider.

Soft Perimeter Guide Cones

Soft Perimeter GuidesThis cone can be used in place of the steel nose cone to reduce scratches to the cavity and parting lines.

Ordering Information


Teflon Perimeter Guide Nose Cone

$ 16.14

0.2 lbs.


Cast Steel Perimeter Nose Cone

$ 14.00

0.78 lbs.



dowelsHigh quality, time saving, Sure-Lock® Dowels can be used to locate mold halves or other mold pieces. The number 3 dowel sets have a 1/2-20 thread on both ends, while the number 4 dowel sets have a 5/8-18 thread.

  • Provide Positive Alignment of Parting Lines!
  • Reduce the Mismatch of Flat Parting Lines!
  • Protect the Registration of Tongue & Groove Parting Lines
  • Dowels Keep the Tongue from Galling and Wearing the Groove!

Ordering Information


#3 Sure-Lock Dowel Set

$ 7.75

0.1 lbs.


#4 Sure-Lock Dowel Set

$ 9.25

0.1 lbs.


#3 Sure-Lock Wrench

$ 80.00

1 lbs.


#4 Sure-Lock Wrench

$ 80.00

1 lbs.