Our Manufacturing

Tool Revision & Refurbishment

Avantech’s highly skilled team delivers revision and refurbishment solutions that extend the longevity of tooling and optimize return on investment.

Avantech has built robust capabilities and a highly experienced and skilled team dedicated specifically to providing tool revision and refurbishment services.

We begin by analyzing customers’ updated product design, then develop and execute a manufacturing strategy to revise tooling relative to the desired part production requirements. Additionally, our refurbishment capabilities allow customers to optimize tooling longevity by maintaining proper working condition of parting lines, clamping and closure mechanisms, air management systems, and ancillary tool components.

Quality Policy

Our collaborative, solutions-focused approach results in high quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

We are customer-centric and work rigorously to enhance our partners’ success via the added value of our products.

We share accountability to continuously improve all aspects of our business: our systems, our processes, our products and our people.

Our progress is benchmarked through the use of key performance indicators and statistical measurement tools.

We strive to incorporate our mantra of “THINK, CREATE, ADVANCE” in everything we do.

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